For the Mixer to function, it is mandatory to create a destination.

We will create 3 destinations :

  1. Main screen : 3456×1080
  2. Reminder screen : 1920×1080
  3. Speaker feedback : 1920×1080
  • Go to the Mixer tab and to the Destinations subtab
  • Click on the +Dest. to add a Destination.
  • In the Editor panel change the name and size of the Destination.
  • Repeat this process for the other two destinations.

Destinations need to be placed in a Timeline in order to be displayed on a V-Node.
It is good practice to have a dedicated Timeline to display the Destinations.

  • Create a new Timeline, name it DESTINATIONS MIXER and assign it a color
  • Drag & drop the three Destinations into the Timeline and position them according to :
Destination Position in the timeline
Main screen x = 0
Reminder screen x = 3456
Speaker screen x = 5376

Now that the Destinations are created, we are ready to work with Modulo Mixer.

  • Open Mixer Remote and connect to the IP Address of your Kinetic Designer.
  • To have a better view of what we are doing, divide the Preview and the Program into 3 zones.
  • Drag & drop the destinations in these zones for the Preview and the Program.

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