Modulo Kinetic

More than a media server

Modulo Kinetic is the ultimate video solution tailored for the most challenging projects.
This fully-integrated media server with embedded live mixer will be the cornerstone of your entire workflow.

Perform study, simulation, show creation, encoding, playback and control … do it all with one single server.
With its intuitive user interface and advanced innovative features, Modulo Kinetic offers unprecedented real-time 3D, interactivity, and tracking.

Features include :

  • Non-linear, real-time timelines with keyframes editing
  • Embedded low-latency live mixer
  • Advanced 2D warping tools with our exclusive X-map function
  • Real-time 3D engine with generative content, incl. particles
  • Projection study and simulation in 3D & VR
  • 3D video projector calibration
  • KineMotion, powerful optical tracking module
  • Flexible nodal programming
  • Easy, yet powerful show control
  • User Interface designer to easily create your own UI
  • True multi-user mode for optimized set-up and operation

This user manual contains detailed information about Modulo Kinetic and its software.
Through the different sections, you will find out more about Modulo Kinetic’s extensive capabilities, and how to make the best out of the device.

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