As we have seen throughout this series of tutorials, with Modulo Kinetic Designer you can prepare an entire project on your laptop, without being connected to the media servers.

Once you are ready to play, you need to transfer the project from your laptop onto the Kinetic Designer server and the V-Node(s) server(s).

We will assume the following setup :

  • One Kinetic Designer connected to an LCD screen.
  • One Kinetic V-Node connected to 2 VPs (e. g. wall projection) + 2 HD LCD screens + 2 LIVE SDI sources + 2 HDMI LIVE sources.

Let’s get started :

  • Copy your entire project folder on an external hard drive or USB key.
  • Connect the media to the Kinetic Designer server.
  • Paste the entire project folder to the data disk D:/.
  • Launch Kinetic Designer and load your show file

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