This node performs an easing function on its input. Easing functions specify the rate at which a parameter changes over time.

The most basic easing function is the linear interpolation where y changes linearly as x changes over time.

In Modulo Kinetic, these easing functions are available in many different places where there is an interpolation of data over time.

A full list of available easing functions and their graphical representation can be found here.


  • Duration : Set the duration of the interpolation.
    Default : 1.0
  • Type : Choose which type of interpolation to apply.
    Default : Linear
  • Float : Value on which to apply the easing function.
    Default : 0.0


Name Type Description
Float Float Value on which to apply the easing


Name Type Description
Float Float Eased out value


In this example :

  • Duration : 5.2
  • Type : InOutBounce

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