Select this device to control Panasonic video projectors and many other projector brands that support the PJLink protocol.


Property Default Description
Name PJLink User-friendly name.
Enable ON Toggle to enable/disable the device.
Run at startup ON Toggle to enable the device when Kinetic Designer is launched.
IP [empty] Set the IP address of your device. Your device and Kinetic Designer should be on the same subnet.
Port 4352 TCP/IP port used by the device.
Authentification OFF Toggle to enable authentification. Most of the time it is necessary to activate authentification. You should match this property to the PJLink settings of your projector.
Password [empty] If authentification is enabled, you must enter the proper PJLink password for your device. If you do not know the password, check the user manual of your video projector and look for the PJLink default password.

Manual controls of the PJLink device in the Editor panel.Manual controls of the PJLink device in the Editor panel.

Task action

Action Description
Enable device Enable the device
Disable device Disable the device
Power On Send PJLink power on command
Power Off Send PJLink power off command
Picture Mute On Send PJLink picture mute on command
Picture Mute Off Send PJLink picture mute off command
Input RGB Select input RGB source number
Input Video Select input video source number
Input Digital Select input digital source number
Input Storage Select input storage source number
Input Network Select input network source number
Shutter On Send PJLink shutter on command
Shutter Off Send PJLink shutter off command

Task trigger

This device has no actions that can trigger a Task.

Digimap trigger

This device cannot be used as a Digimap trigger.


This device has no properties that can be read or written from a Graph.

User interface

When drag & dropped into a UI Panel the following commands are available:

Manual controls of the PJLink device in a UI panel.Manual controls of the PJLink device in a UI panel.

Device information

Check Panasonic’s website for more information on their video projectors.

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