This node implements an effect that simulates the blur that can occur when looking at something through frosted glass. It disintegrates shapes by scattering the pixels.


  • Magnitude : Affects the amount of scatter given to the pixels. For a realistic effect, values should be between 0 and 0.1.
    Default : 0.01
  • Seed : Set the seed for the randomness. Animating this value over time will induce jitter on the scattered pixels and give a noise-like movement to the effect.
    Default : 0.5


Name Type Description
Image Image Image input to use for the effect
Magnitude Float Amount of scatter
Seed Float Seed for randomness


Name Type Description
Image Image Image output of the effect


In this example :
  • Magnitude : Animated with an LFO between 0 and 0.05

This example animates only the Magnitude so the scatter is static and always at the same place. Animate the Seed to add noise, movement and randomness.

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