TUIO is an open framework that defines a common protocol and API for tangible multitouch surfaces. The TUIO protocol allows the transmission of an abstract description of interactive surfaces, including touch events and tangible object states.


Property Default Description
Name TUIO User-friendly name.
Enable ON Activate to enable the device.
Run at startup ON Activate to enable the device at Kinetic startup.
Input Enable OFF Activates the input for this device.
Input Port 3333 Specify the TCP/IP port to listen for input.
Output Enable OFF Activate the output for this device.
Output IP empty Specify the IP address to use for output.
Output Port 9000 Specify the TCP/IP port to be used for output.

Task action

Action Description
Enable Enable the device.
Disable Disable the device.

Task trigger

This device has no actions that can trigger a Task.

Digimap trigger



Action Description
Receive Array Output an array with the data received from the TUIO device

User interface

This device has no actions that can be launched from the UI designer.

Device information

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