This effect enables the basic controls of BrightnessContrastHue and Saturation on the input image.


  • Brightness : Controls the brightness on the image. Operates between -1 (full black) and 1 (full white)
    Default : 0.0
  • Contrast : Controls the contrast in the image. Meant to operate between 0 and 2. Min/Max values can be modified to operate outside this range : negative values will bring invert color channels while higher values may over-expose bright parts in the image.
    Default : 1.0
  • Hue : Controls the Hue in the image. A full cycle is completed between 0 and 360.
    Default : 0.0
  • Saturation : Controls the saturation in the image. Operates between 0 (no saturation) and 1 (full saturation). Values under 0 have no further effect and values over 1 have effects outside the normal behavior of this property.
    Default : 1.0


Name Type Description
Image Image Image input on which to draw the effect
Brightness Float Control the Brightness
Contrast Float Control the Contrast
Hue Float Control the Hue
Saturation Float Control the Saturation


Name Type Description
Image Image Image output of the effect


In this example :
  • Brightness : 0.0
  • Contrast : 1.0
  • Hue : Animated with an LFO between 0 and 360
  • Saturation : 1.0

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