This node will compute an interpolation between two inputs by following a third input that serves as an interpolation parameter between 0 and 1.

The curve type for the interpolation can be set in the Editor panel.

The following types are accepted as inputs :

  • Integer, Float, Double
  • Vector 2D, 3D, 4D
  • Color


  • Easing curve : Choose the easing curve used to compute the interpolation.
    Default : Linear
  • Interpolation : Manually set the interpolation.
    Default : 0.0

As the interpolation parameter changes between 0 and 1, the output will be interpolated between Value 1 and Value 2.


Name Type Description
Value 1 Variant Lower value to interpolate from
Value 2 Variant Higher value to interpolate from
Interpolation parameter Float Input value to apply the absolute operation to


Name Type Description
Value Variant Result of the interpolation


Example of Lerp node using colors as inputs.Example of Lerp node using colors as inputs.

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