Add patterns into a timeline

  • In the media tab, click on the folder 00_PATTERNS
  • Click on + then Media…
  • Browse for the Patterns media and import it all
  • Drag & drop the media into the existing timeline
  • Rename the timeline PATTERNS

Build the reconstructed Render Surfaces for V-Nodes

  • Add a new Timeline named “RS-VNODE” in which we will rebuild the Render Surfaces for V-Node
  • Drag & drop the Render Surfaces from the Render Surfaces tab into the “RS-VNODE” Timeline
  • Set the position of these Renders’ layers following this array
V-Node Assigned Render Surface Content#1 Content#2
VN01 RS-VN01 RS-NorthWall (x=0 y=5000) RS-EastWall (x=1280 y=5000)
VN02 RS-VN02 RS-SouthWall (x=4000= y=5000) RS-WestWall (x=5280 y=5000)
VN03 RS-VN03 RS-Floor (x=9000 y=5000) RS-SpeakersScreen (x=9000 y=7000)

  • To make it clear we will put the Render Surfaces’ layers in the Timeline inside Groups
  • Create one Group per V-Node
  • Move the Render Surfaces into the corresponding Group

We will now add the V-Nodes into the project and assign its correspondig Render Surfaces we just created.

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