Adding a monitoring output

Setting a monitoring output can be useful to check incoming signals from a camera or a computer that you would like to include in your projection.
You can either setup the monitoring using one of the physical outputs on the V-Node or by streaming it via NDI.

  • In the V-Nodes tab Output section click on + and select Monitoring.
  • Set the (x;y) to (0;0) and the resolution to 1920×1080.
  • In the Preset section of the V-Nodes, with the Monitoring selected, click on +.
  • This will open the Preset tab in the Editor panel.
  • Set the rows to 3 and adjust the first two rows to have two colmuns using the + boxes in the top right corner of each row.
  • Drag & drop the 4 outputs in the 4 boxes of the first two rows.
  • Drag & drop the Render Surface from the Render Surface tab into the final row.

Stream monitoring to NDI

It is possible to enable the NDI option to stream the monitoring via NDI and not use a physical output on the graphics card of the server.

  • Select the Monitoring in the Output section of the V-Nodes tab.
  • Check that the Out position is at (0;0) in the Output tab of the Editor panel.
  • Toggle the NDI Enable.

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