• Fader : Controls the level of transition. Operates between 0 (100% Image 1 and 0% Image 2) and 1 (0% Image 1 and 100% Image 2).
    (Default : 0.5)
  • Offset : Sets the amount of time in the transition when there will be TV Static and when there will be the input images. Operates between 0 (100% TV static and the images never show) and 0.5 (never show TV static).
    (Default : 0.25


Name Type Description
Image 1 Image Input for image 1
Image 2 Image Input for image 2
Fader Float Control the level of transition
Offset Float Input to balance the duration of the the TV static in the transition


Name Type Description
Image Image Image output of the transition


In this example :
  • Offset : 0.25

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