Now, let’s make a PiP appear while the jingle keeps playing in the background :

  • Set the header to timecode 00:00:50:00 in the timeline.
  • Add the media Modulo-Pi-PPT2019 on top of the layer.

  • Scale down the media to 50% and position it as you wish.
  • In the Editor tab, set it’s duration to 10 seconds.
  • From the timeline, add a 2 seconds fade in and fade out.

Once the PiP is gone, we’ll keep only the jingle running in the background.

  • To cue this, add another Pause right before the start of the PiP layer, and another one at the beginning of it’s fade out.

After 30 seconds, let’s fade our loop out into a still image as a background :

  • Set the header to timecode 00:01:28:00 in the timeline.
  • Collapse all the layers to improve visibility.
  • Extend Jingle1_Loop to end after 00:01:28:00 in the timeline.
  • From the Media list, drag and drop Background0.
  • Add a fade in of 2 seconds on Background0.

To complete this tutorial, you can add a Pause command at the end of the Background0 so it stays on screen, and you can fade out the jingle audio as the Background0 fades in.

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