Create a Render Surface

  • Let’s calculate the size we need :
Device Size in pixels
Projector 1 1920
Projector 2 1920
Overlap -384
Return Projector 1920
Screen Speaker 1920
Render Surface size 7296px
  • Add a Render Surface with a size of 7296×1080 pixels.

Create the Outputs

  • Add these 4 Outputs into the V-Node
Output Name Map Out
Out 1 VP1 top left:0;0 Size:1920×1080 top left:0,0 Size:1920×1080
Out 2 VP2 top left:1536;0 Size:1920×1080 top left:1920,0 Size:1920×1080
Out 3 VP3 Return top left:3456;0 Size:1920×1080 top left:3840,0 Size:1920×1080
Out 4 Screen Speaker top left:5376;0 Size:1920×1080 top left:5760,0 Size:1920×1080

  • Select all the outputs.
  • In the Shape tab set the Test Pattern to Softedge. This will set the selected test pattern on all the selected outputs.

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