Get the 3D camera POV

  • Drag and drop the 3D camera named Camera_AR into the Timeline “CAMERAS
  • The Render Surface assigned to the V-Node is named RS-VN01 and its position is x=0 y=0
  • Placing the Camera’s layer at this position will sent the Camera_AR content to the V-Node

Change the Distortion mode

  • One thing really important if you use a camera with a Distortion profile included in Kinetic Designer (which is the case with the Panasonic AW-UE150) is to activate the Distortion mode
  • The Distortion mode has to be enable on the camera’s layers
  • Select the camera Camera_AR in the timeline, then in the Editor tab, set the Distortion mode : KINETIC
  • Check at the same time in the Editor tab that its resolution match the resolution of the Panasonic camera resolution settings

Place the real camera live feed on top

  • Drag and drop Deltacast Media on a second layer in the timeline

This is what your V-Node’s Output PGM should send for the moment :

We will now see how to apply a chromakey FX on the Deltacast source.

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