This effect displays a simple ball at the coordinates contained in the input array. The ball can simulate 3D lighting using its Global properties or can be rendered as flat colors and just display as circles.


Array properties

Any properties in the input array that matches the name of these properties will be used and displayed accordingly.
These properties can also be shown as inputs on the node by toggling the icon.
In the dropdown menu you can choose how values from the array interact with values from the Editor panel or the input between : Replace, Add or Multiply.
More information can be found on the GPU Multi category page.

  • X : Sets the X value for the coordinates of the effect.
    Default : WIDTH ÷ 2
  • Y : Sets the Y value for the coordinates of the effect.
    Default : HEIGHT ÷ 2
  • Color : The color of the ball
    (Default : White 255 / 255 / 255 / 255)
  • Radius : The radius of the ball
    Default : WIDTH ÷ 10

Global properties

  • IsRenderFlat : Toggles whether to render the balls flat (as circles) or with a simulated lighting/shading applied as if they were spheres.
    (Default : OFF)
  • Height : Sets the region within the circle that will be simulated as higher to create roundness and the illusion of 3D. A value of 0 will make the shape hard to see (full shadow). Values over 2 will start to make the 3D illusion look unnatural.
    (Default : 1.0)
  • Theta : Sets the angle from where the simulated light source would come from. Values are expressed in degrees and a full rotation is completed from 0 to 360.
    (Default : 145)
  • Phi : Sets the amount of light (color) bleeding into the shape creating a light/shadow effect and the illusion of 3D.
    (Default : 3.0)


This lists only the inputs present by default at the creation of the node. The inputs that appear can be tuned by toggling the button in the Editor panel.

Name Type Description
Array Array The array input containing the positions to draw at
IsRenderFlat Boolean Toggle 2D/3D display
Height Float Region within the shapes considered as “higher” for 3D illusion
Theta Float Angle of light source in 3D illusion
Phi Float Amount of light received in 3D illusion


Name Type Description
Image Image The image output of the effect


In this example :
  • Color : Modulo Blue 0 / 153 / 255 / 255
  • Radius : 50
  • is Render Flat : NO
  • Height : 1.5
  • Theta : 145
  • Phi : 10

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