Now our 3 shapes are well designed we will add a background.
We use the same projector, we just create a new X-Map which is going to be behind all the other X-Maps.

To do so we need to :

  • Display one media for the 3 shapes + one media for the background : we increase the Render Surface from 1920×1080 to 3840×1080
  • Drap&drop a media for the background and position its X value at 1920
  • Add a new X-Map about 1920×1080 : set the MAP with 1920 as a X value, Y stays at 0.
  • Warp the new Background X-Map : switch the Curve type to Keystone beforehand

At this point it works, we will see how to save time by creating 2 Presets Filter for media.
These Presets will automatically put the content to their good position while a Drag&drop to a timeline:

  • Position X=0 for shapes media
  • Position X=1920 for background media
    We apply the Presets Filter to the concerned media.

Now, when we will Drag&drop a media into a timeline it takes automatically its Filter position.

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