In this panel you can manage the timelines of your show.


Action Description
Click or double click Add a timeline
Click Delete a selected timeline
Click Focus a selected timeline in the Timeline panel
Left click Select a preset color for the timeline
Right click Select a custom color for the timeline
Click Play/Pause the timeline
Click Toggle the timeline ON/OFF
Click and drag on Set the timeline’s opacity value between 0 and 100%

Timeline order

You can change the order of the timelines by simply drag & dropping them in the Timeline List panel.

Order is important if you have several timelines with media on them that display on the same render surface. In this case, the timeline that is the bottommost in the list will display on top of the others.

Timeline Editor Tabs

When you select a timeline in this view, you can edit its parameters in the Editor panel.


Label Description
Name Change the name of the timeline
Info Add additional information or a short description
Duration Set the timeline’s duration
Show in Designer Toggle whether to display or not the timeline’s content in the Preview panel


In the Filter tab you can select on which Render Surfaces the timeline’s content will be displayed.

This is useful to automatically disable the rendering of media on certain Render Surfaces to limit resource usage, but this can also be achieved in many different places where Filter tabs are present, namely the Render Surface panel and the Media List panel.

You can either toggle each Render Surface ON/OFF in the list manually or apply a Preset using the dropdown menu.

The Edit Preset button enables you to make modifications to your presets and/or create a new one.


In the Link tab you can link the selected timeline to one or several other timelines.

The parameters that can be linked include :

  • Master opacity
  • Audio level
  • Time (Playing the timeline will also play the linked timelines)
  • ON/OFF state

Drag & Drop options

You can drag & drop a timeline from the Timeline List in different places in Kinetic giving access to different options.

If you drop it into a subtask or a command layer, you can choose from the following actions :

Action Description
Play Play the timeline
Pause Pause the timeline
Locate at timecode Set the playhead in the timeline at a specific time
Play at time Play the timeline starting at a specific time
On Toggle the timeline on
Off Toggle the timeline off
GrandMaster value Set the timeline’s general opacity at a specific value with a duration
AudioMaster value Set the timeline’s general audio level at a specific value with a duration
Lock to TC Lock the timeline to the external timecode
Unlock from TC Unlock the timeline from the external timecode
Show in Designer Show the timeline’s contents in the Preview panel
Hide in Designer Hide the timeline’s contents in the Preview panel
Display in view Focus on the timeline in the Timeline panel

In a digimap patch you can control the timeline’s GrandMaster or the timeline’s audio level :

And in the Graph Editor, you can read or write to the timeline and change or extract the following :

Input/Output Description
Timecode Set or read the timecode
On Toggle or read the state of the ON/OFF value
Play Toggle or read the state of playback
Audio Master Set or Read the Audio level
Master Set or Read the Grand Master opacity level

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