This node allows you to remove an item from an existing array.


  • Deletion Mode : Choose how to delete the item. Choices are : At the End, At Index, At ID
    Default : At the End
  • Trigger Input : Toggle this if you want to use a boolean as an input to trigger the action. If the boolean is True the item will be removed from the array. If the boolean is False the item will not be removed.
    Default : OFF


Name Type Description
Array Array Accepts an existing array from which to remove an item
Optional inputs
Trigger Boolean Only appears if Trigger Input is toggled ON. Boolean input to trigger the action of removing an item from the array
AtIndex Integer Only appears if Deletion Mode is set to At Index. The Index of the item to remove
AtID String Only appears if DeletionMode is set to At ID.The ID of the item to remove


Name Type Description
Array Array The array with the item deleted.

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