Warp Remote:

Thanks to Warp Remote, enjoy a flexible approach to multi-projector edge blending, warping, and 3D calibration.
The free application gives access to the V-Node server(s), outputs, X-Map settings and X-Map warping from a PC or laptop.
Feel free to get close to your projection surface to fine-tune your blending, warping or 3D calibration directly from your laptop.
To maximize efficiency, several Warp Remote applications can be used simultaneously to speed up the process.


For PC: Connect to the Customer Area > Modulo Kinetic > Companion Apps section


  • Install the Warp Remote application, and launch it to connect to Kinetic Designer via wifi
  • Type the IP address of the Kinetic Designer workstation to connect

If needed, you can click on the button to refresh the connection with the Kinetic Designer.

You can access to the Warp view

And the V-Node view

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