Now, let’s create an output with a resolution of 1920×1080 :

  • In the V-Nodes tab, click on VN01 and then in the Output tab click on + and choose Output.
  • Select the Output you just created and then go to the Shape subtab
  • Switch the Curve Type to Keystone, the most suitable mode for a basic flat screen.

  • Still in the Shape tab you can choose a Test Pattern to display a grid on the output.
  • Go to the Warp tab and move the 4 control points to adjust the output to the bottom of the mapping box.

  • If you right-click on the Output and click on Display on side screen, then a small window will open displaying the output:

  • If you have a second screen or video projector connected to your computer, then the window will fit to your screen :

Once you are done, go back to the Preview tab to follow the rest of the tutorial.

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