Add a Calendar Device

Calendar device is useful to trigger a task at a precise time.

  • Open the Devices tab
  • Search for the Calendar and add it

Use Calendar as Task trigger to automatically start/stop the exhibition

Here is the established schedule :

Time Actions
07:45 Task Initialisation, Start projectors
08:00 Start show
All day long Show then countdown
18:58 Disable loop , Go to goodbye message
19:05 Task Initialisation
19:06 Shutdown projectors

To follow this program, we will create a task for each needed launch time and trig it using the Calendar device.

  • Add a new Task Folder that you name EXHIB PROGRAM
  • Create a new Task
  • Rename it 07:45 AM – INIT
  • Select this task and drag & drop the device Calendar into the trigger field in the Editor tab
  • Define the time to 07:45
  • Drag & drop the needed subtasks into the Task

Repeat it for each steps of the program, respecting the time and actions of the task.

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