• Create two other timelines : SHOW and GRAPHICS
  • Add the media into the Media list
  • Drag & drop into Timeline “SHOW” the media “Floral theme
  • Drag & drop into Timeline “GRAPHICS” the media “Corporate images

Use Freerun and Loop onto Layers properties

We would like the SHOW to run in loop without limit, we could extend the layer and play the Timeline.
An easier way is to enable Freerun and Loop on the layer.

When we play the timeline SHOW, we want a FADE IN.

  • Select all the layers in the timeline SHOW and press ALT-F to open the Add Fade in/out
  • Set a Fade In of 2 seconds and press OK
  • Now, if you play this timeline from the beginning you will observe the Fade in

Extend the duration of the loop to 1 minute

The GRAPHICS timeline will be used between two shows.
We want a countdown of 1 minute before the Loop restarts.

  • Select all the layers of the Timeline GRAPHICS
  • In the Editor, set the Duration to 00:01:03:00
  • In Media list, click on + then select Timecode and add a Text element as well
  • Set the Timecode to Type Out countdown, TC mode : 30
  • Drag & drop the Text and the Timecode into the timeline and then customize the size and color of them
  • Position it in the middle center of the NorthWall
  • Define the duration to 00:01:03:00

  • Add a Group and drag & drop all the layers into it
  • Double click on the Group and set a Fade In/Out of 3 seconds

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