We are going to prepare the 3D calibration of the projector by adding points.
To achieve this, we will first :

  • Enable the 3D mapping on a new Output
  • Create a 3D projector
  • Pick points at the edges of the 3D model

Step 1 : Create a new Output

  • Delete the previous Output we had
  • Go to Advanced > Enable 3D MAPPING
  • Add a Preset

Step 2 : add a Projector into the 3D Scene

  • Open the Windows > Standard 3D
  • On the 3D Scenes bin click on + then Projector, rename it as a Pico Projector
  • Select the Output we just created, go to 3D Mapping and drag&drop the Projector the Target field

Step 3 : Create point and Pick it ion the object

  • Move the Editor tab on the top right to have a better view
  • On the Output, 3D Mapping, click on the + to add a point
  • Click on PICK and then in the 3D Viewer click on one of the edges of the 3D model of the castle
  • Repeat it in order to have at least 7 points

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