In this exercise, you will go through projection study, then 2D warping thanks to X-Maps before going forward with the 3D projection calibration of Kinetic.

Architectural video mapping – Part 1 – Projection study and simulation

Architectural video mapping – Part 2 – Set up the mapping with X-Maps

  • Import Output and X-Maps with a PSD file
  • Use X-Maps to easily set up a show on a castle

Architectural video mapping – Part 3 – Set up the mapping with a 3D calibration of the video projector

Architectural video mapping – Part 4 – Program an architectural mapping show

  • Create an architectural mapping Timeline
  • Add Tasks to recall sequences
  • Use a Calendar device to trigger a task

Media kit link:

You can download the media kit here

Materials required:

  • A pico projector + 1 castle-shaped kit + 1 mapping box.
  • The media kit, the PSD template file, and the 3D model

We position the castle in the mapping Box, we position the projector to project on the whole castle.

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