1. Install the camera driver: Spinnaker SDK

Make sure your camera is connected to the same network as your Remote or Designer and receiving power over ethernet.

2. Start the “SpinView” program from the Start menu.

3. Your camera should automatically be detected and listed in the program’s interface.

In case the camera has a network configuration problem, right-click on it and select “Force IP to resolve”

4. Double-click on the camera in the “Camera list” and make sure that the image acquisition is OK.

Save IP configuration

By default, BlackFly cameras reset their IP to the default factory value on each power-up. However, il you want the camera to save a persistent static IP address, follow these steps:

Select the GEV Interface, right-click and under the GigE configuration, select IP Configuration.

In the pop-up window that appears, set your desired persistent network configuration and click on Set IP Address / Subnet.

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