In the first part of the exercise we will create the project from scratch.

We will review the following notions :

  • Creating a project
  • Setup the Media Server on a laptop in Demo version if necessary
  • Copying media to the Media Server
  • Configuring outputs
  • The use of Monitoring
  • Creating a Timeline

If you are running the demo version on your own laptop, it will be your Kinetic Designer and simulate the V-Node at the same time. You will only be able to see one output at a time and you will experience flashes of colors on the output. This is normal behaviour and due to the demo version.

If you have real Modulo Pi machines, you should have one Kinetic Designer server and one Kinetic V-Node. Refer to the documentation to have them online and operational for this tutorial.

3D Preview of a simulated corporate live event announcing the launch of a new car.

Media kit Link:

You can download the media kit here.

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