Create tasks to display/hide the Patterns timeline

  • Add one task named Pattern ON
  • Drag & drop into it the timeline ‘Pattern’
  • As an Action, set the Grand Master to 100%
  • Copy/paste this subtask and set its action to Timeline ON
  • Copy/paste this subtask and set its action Locate at 00:00:05:00

Copy/paste this task and rename the new one Pattern OFF and change its subtasks as needed to hide the timeline

Create an Initialisation task

You can create a task to initialize the exhibition show.
The principle of this task is to reset the Timelines :

  • Set the Timelines’ Grand Master to 0% in 2s
  • After a delay of 2s, stop any playing Timelines
  • Locate the TC at 00:00:00:00
  • Set all Timelines OFF except the RS-VNODE Timeline that we set ON

In the previous exercice page we created two tasks to hide SHOW timeline and GRAPHICS timeline, the Show Initialisation task will launch both of them.

  • Create a task that you name Show Initialisation
  • Drag & drop Tasks : Stop SHOW, Stop GRAPHICS, and Pattern OFF
  • Select all this subtasks and set the action to LAUNCH in the Editor tab
  • Drag & drop the Timeline RS-VNODE
  • Set the subtask to ON and duplicate this subtask to make the grand master at 100% and locate at 00:00:00:00
  • Drag & drop the task Go SHOW and define its action to Enable

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