• Create a UI, rename it

Now we will build the Homepage that will contains only informations, no actions.
This page will be the layout example and we will duplicate it for all new pages.

Build the Homepage

  • Drag & drop a Rectangle and set its size to the size of the UI meaning 1920×1080, this rectangle will be parent of all the elements of the page
  • Drag & drop the first elements in your UI, starting with Timelines

  • Copy/paste the Timelines’ rectangle, move it, and clean from elements the rectangle
  • Drag & drop the V-nodes from the V-Node panel

  • Repeat it for Audio and Video projectors

Add a menu bar

On the right part of the page we will add a menu bar, this menu will allow us to jump from one page to another one.

  • Drag & drop the Calendar from the Devices panel
  • Drag & drop the Clock and Connection state from the toolbox
  • Drag & drop Images from the Media list into the Homepage*

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