Create and use several timelines

Now let’s add several timelines in order to be able to launch different content independently.

  • In the Timeline list tab, click on the + and add 4 timelines.
  • Rename the timelines and add colors to make them easier to distinguish.

Timeline names :

  1. SHOW
  3. LIVE

  • In the Timeline Powerpoint :
  • Drag & drop the NDI media Player 2 and position it on the third output (x = 3456).
  • Copy/paste this layer at the same place to duplicate it.
  • Position it on the fourth output (x = 5376).

  • Select both layers and Copy.
  • Locate the Playback head a little later in the timeline, for instance at 00:00:12:00, and Paste.
  • In the Editor panel go to the Advanced tab and Mask subtab and tick Enable.
  • From the Media list drag & drop the media MASK in the Patterns folder into the Editor panel.

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