Select this device to receive PosiStageNet information from the tracking server.

PosiStageNet is an open protocol enabling the broadcast of 3 dimensional position coordinates, velocity, orientation and acceleration data of objects tracked on stage.


Property Default Description
Name PosiStage server User-friendly name.
Enable ON Toggle to enable/disable the device.
Run at startup ON Toggle to enable the device when Kinetic Designer is launched.
IP Set the IP address of your device. Your device and Kinetic Designer should be on the same subnet.
Port 56565 TCP/IP port used by the device.
Filter enable OFF Toggle to enable a Kalman filter on the data.
Filter Options These options are only visible if Filter enable is set to ON
Process noise cov 0.001 Affects the weight of predictions in the algorithm. Lower values (<0.1) will give smoother signals but less accurate predictions.
Measurement noise cov 5.0 Affects the weight of measures in the algorithm. Higher values (>10) will give smoother signals but less accurate values.
Error cov post 0.01 Affects uncertainty in the initialisation of the algorithm. If your starting position is accurate, prefer lower values. If not, prefer higher values.
Delay 0.0 Useful when compensating for projector input lag. Leave at 0 otherwise.

Task action

Action Description
Enable device Enable the device
Disable device Disable the device

Task trigger

This device has no actions that can trigger a Task.

Digimap trigger



Action Description
Receive position Receive 3 dimensional tracker position information from the PosiStage Server

User interface

This device has no actions that can be launched from the UI designer.

Device information

Go to the official website for more information.

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