Download media and prepare the Project Folder

  • Let’s start this exercice by downloading the Project Folder we prepared : download here.
  • Unzip and copy/paste this folder to your storage drive

For each project we keep the same file tree in order to keep it clear for everyone.
So we will for this exercice.

00_PATTERNS contains test patterns
01_SHOW contains the MOP Kinetic Designer project files
02_MEDIA contains all the media we will play
03_XMAP contains the PSD files to create outputs with X-Maps
04_3D contains the 3D fbx file of the Immersive Room

These are the media you should have :

  • 1 video loop of 20s
  • 1 fixed background
  • 1 PSD file to automatically create 1 V-Node’s output
  • One .FBX file of the 3D model
  • 2 CSV files to create Render Surfaces

Prepare the Project Folder in Kinetic Designer

  • Open Kinetic Designer
  • Click on New and save the project file with the following name “KineticImmersiveRoom_v1

  • Go to Edit > Preferences > Interface and set the framerate to 30 (because the video files are encoded in 30 fps)

  • In the Media window create the same file tree into the Media tab

Need more help with this?
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