The effect produces an effects as if the input image was embossed on a metal sheet, or etched out on gray paper.


  • Intensity : The intensity of the effect. Values are usually between 0 and 1 but higher values (>5) may have a more pronounced and interesting effect depending on your media.
    Default : 0.5
  • Colorize : Sets whether to use artificial coloring in the effect or not. Values should be between 0 (no coloring) and 1 (coloring).
    Default : 1
  • Brightness : The amount of white to use in the image. Values should be between 0 (all black, no white) and 1 (all white), defining a grayscale for the overall image.
    Default : 0.5


Name Type Description
Image Image Image input on which to draw the effect
Intensity Float Intensity of the effect applied
Colorize Float Artificial coloring
Brightness Float Amount of grayscale to use in the effect


Name Type Description
Image Image Image output of the effect


In this example :
  • Intensity : Animated with an LFO between 0 and 0.5
  • Colorize : 0.0
  • Brightness : 0.05

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