In this transition the first image fades into a full screen color before fading again into the second image.

The color can be changed in the properties or as an input.


  • Fader : Controls the level of transition. Operates between 0 and 1. 0 is 100% Image 1 and 0% Image 2. 1 is 0% Image 1 and 100% Image 2.
    Default : 0.5
  • Fade Duration : The duration (in seconds) during which the full color stays on screen. The longer it stays, the faster the transitions from color to image will be.
    Default : 0.25
  • Color : Change the color to fade to and out from.
    Default : Black 0 / 0 / 0 / 255


Name Type Description
Image 1 Image Input for image 1
Image 2 Image Input for image 2
Fader Float Control the level of transition
Fade Duration Float Control the duration during which the full color stays on screen
Color Color Input for the color in the transition


Name Type Description
Image Image Image output of the transition


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