This node inverts the colors in the source image.

Each color channel (R, G, B and A) has an 8-bit value, ranging from 0 to 255.

For each channel this node does the following operation : ValueMax – ValueCurrent.

ValueMax is a property that can be set either in the Editor panel or as an Input where it is referred to as Value.


  • Value : Set the maximum from which to invert. A value of 0 will output the original image. A value of 0.5 will output a full grayscale image. A value of 2.55 will output the image with fully inverted color channels.
    Default : 1.0


Name Type Description
Image Image Image input to use for the effect
Value Float Maximum value to consider for the invert


Name Type Description
Image Image Image output of the effect


  • Value : Animated with an LFO between 0 and 2.5

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