This node represents an ADSR envelope.

An envelope is a term used to describe the evolution of a sound in a music sample. Envelopes are typically fed through and envelope generator that defines when and how a sound should change while the envelope defines the modulation of the sound.

The ADSR envelope is named after its four characteristics : Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release.

The input of the node is binary which meaning that 0 is understood as LOW while any other value is understood as HIGH.


  • Attack Level : The maximum value to reach at the attack phase.
    Default : 1.0
  • Attack : The time it takes to reach full capacity in milliseconds.
    Default : 100
  • Decay : The time it takes to go from attack level to sustain level in milliseconds.
    Default : 100
  • Release : The time it takes to go from sustain level back to nothing after release, in milliseconds.
    Default : 100
  • Sustain Level : The nominal value to reach.
    Default : 0.5

Graphical interpretation


In this example :

  • Attack level : 2.0
  • Attack, ms : 250
  • Decay, ms : 250
  • Release, ms : 1000
  • Sustain level : 1.0

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