This node enables you to map 2D sensor data (generally x, y coordinates) into 2D coordinates relevant to your installation (a screen, a region on a wall, on the floor, etc.).


The Editor panel for this node is composed of four lines, one for each corner of your display.
Each line is composed of Source coordinates (x, y) and Destination coordinates (x, y) for your mapping.
Before mapping with the buttons, take care to set the Destination coordinates that you would like to map to.

Editor panel

Here is an example of a typical setup for a Full HD display (1920 × 1080). Note that the values have already been mapped as you can see by the Source coordinates.

Calibration process

To calibrate, use only one input from your sensor. Make sure you have properly filled your Destination coordinates.

  • Start by positioning yourself at the point where you would like to have your sensor pick up the position as Top Left in your new region. Click on the Top Left button.
  • Do the same for all three other positions.
  • Your data is now being remapped according to the Destination coordinates you have chosen.


Name Type Description
Array Array Input array with sensor data to calibrate


Name Type Description
Array Array Output array with calibrated data


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