This node is designed to automatically add an offset to user input being applied on an object’s coordinates so that the object does not immediately align with the user’s position as picked up by the sensor but rather keeps its position and moves from there in alignment with the user’s input.

This enables the “grabbing” of the object whenever user input is detected by a sensor while keeping the object in its position and still enabling any movement made by the user and detected by the sensor to be applied to the object.


  • Item Selection Mode : You can choose here how to select the item to grab in the input array. Choices are : First Index, Last Index or First Present.
    Default : First Present

Due to the intended purpose of this node, only one user input can be considered, and if there are several items in the input array all others will be ignored

The First Index and Last Index are self explanatory : they will always target the item with either the lowest (starting at 0) index or the highest (no limit).
The First Present choice will target the first item that enters the input array regardless of its index.


Name Type Description
Array Array Input Array containing dynamic data in which to grab an item
X Float Connect the object’s X coordinate to this input
Y Float Connect the object’s Y coordinate to this input
Z Float Connect the object’s Z coordinate to this input


Name Type Description
Array Array Output Array containing only the grabbed item
Lifetime Float Incrementing number representing the number of ms since the item has been grabbed
X Float Connect this output to the object’s X coordinate
Y Float Connect this output to the object’s Y coordinate
Z Float Connect this output to the object’s Z coordinate


Notice how the 3D object is moved from its position according to the user input’s movement instead of being aligned with the user input’s position when user input is detected.

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