This node enables you to extract specific items and values from arrays.


Use the Selection Mode dropdown menu to choose how to target the item you would like to extract. Choices are :

  • At the End : Will extract the last item in the array.
  • At Index : Will extract the item at the index specified in the field.
  • At ID : Will extract the item whose ID corresponds to the one specified in the field.

You can click on the button in the bottom left of the Editor panel to select one or several properties of the array. As you select them, they will appear as outputs on the node and the values they contain can be used for elsewhere.

Lines can be selected and deleted using the icon.


Name Type Description
Array String The array from which to extract an item

Note : If At Index or At ID are selected as Selection Mode an input for the index or the ID will also appear on the node.


Name Type Description
Array String An array of a single index with the full item extracted
ID String The ID of the targeted item

Note : Any selected properties from the Editor panel will also appear as outputs.

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