This node enables you to perform mathematical operations to individual items within an array.


Use the Selection Mode dropdown menu to choose how to target the item and value you would like to operate on. Choices are : At the End, At Index, At ID

Click the button in the bottom left of the Editor panel to select on which properties you would like to add a mathematical operation.

Once a property is selected, a new line will be added with a dropdown menu to select the operation, and a field to enter the value to compute with the operation.

Lines can be deleted using the icon.

Supported operations are : Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division.

The mathematical operation will be applied to targeted values withing the array. For operations that apply to every value of a property, check out the Operation Array node


Name Type Description
Array String The array on which to apply the operation(s)

Note : When properties are chosen for operations in the Editor panel, they will also appear as inputs on the node.


Name Type Description
Array String The result array with operations applied

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