This node holds a timer and triggers a boolean when the timer reaches 0.


  • Active : Check to manually launch the timer from the Editor panel. When toggled ON the timer will run, and if toggled OFF the timer will stop.
    Default : OFF
    • Note : If a Switch is connected to the Active input on the node, it will override this property and toggling this box in the Editor panel will have no effect.
  • Interval : Duration of the timer.
    Default : 00:00:01:00
  • Singleshot : Toggle if you want the timer to only run once. If toggled OFF the timer will loop indefinitely.
    Default : OFF
  • Freerun : Toggle to have the timer run regardless of whether the Graph is on play or not.
    Default : ON


Name Type Description
Active Boolean True launches the timer, False resets the timer.
Interval Float Duration of the timer (in milliseconds)


Name Type Description
Boolean Boolean This Boolean is always false and triggered when the timer reaches 0
Remaining Time Float Holds the remaining time until timer reaches 0 (in milliseconds)

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