The Ultimate Video Solution reliable accross the complete workflow

Working in close collaboration with show producers, creatives, and technicians all,around the world, we created Modulo Kinetic to help you every step of the way.
From show design and simulation to show encoding and control, Modulo Kinetic brings you with the right tools to reduce complexity, and effortlessly create stunning visual experiences.

A fully-integrated platform

Modulo Kinetic brings together the most advanced tools in one consistent environment.

The platform relies on Kinetic Designer, a powerful user interface with a dedicated workstation, connected to one or several VNode media servers.
Kinetic Designer is the cornerstone of your workflow. It can be used offline for show study, simulation, and pre-encoding. When connected to the VNode media servers, Kinetic Designer will automatically distribute the media content to the VNode servers on the network.

Modulo Kinetic is fully reliable and ensures a secured workflow thanks to an automatic primary/secondary back-up.

A smart user interface

Kinetic Designer has been designed to make sure users focus on what’s important. Available offline and with multi-user capabilities, Kinetic Designer is the perfect tool for artists, designers, project managers and technicians.

The 2D compositing tool is inspired by existing video editing solutions, making it easy and fast to learn.
The 3D workflow is similar to what can be found in a 3D modeling software.
You can design your own interface layout based on your favorite features, or simply recall existing layout presets.

State-of-the-art media processing

Modulo Kinetic was designed to process media seamlessly and provide the best image quality, while running on a streamlined hardware configuration. All supported media format were selected because they always run smoothly, and can be synchronized on all the servers:

  • H.264 sequences and MPEG2 files up to 4K
  • HAP files, allowing the processing of very high-resolution media with low CPU usage
  • GoPro Cineform
  • Apple ProRes, 10-bit ProRes for exceptional quality, compatible with production tools used by creative studios
  • Uncompressed still sequence TGA or 10-bit DPX, QuickTime uncompressed RGB, YUV 8 or YUV 10 bits for ultimate visual quality (optional)
  • NotchLC coded supporting 10-bit color depth and alpha channels.
  • Multichannel audio with professional sound cards and ASIO format
  • Independent audio channels for simplified routing to one or several outputs

User-friendly 2D real-time compositing

Our 2D compositing tool is easy and fast to learn.
A timeline sequencer helps you organize and animate your media, while the preview panel offers real-time visualization of your render surfaces and composited media.
Create unlimited, non-linear, real-time timelines.
Drag & drop media and 3D scenes, add effects in the timelines.
Easily create complex cues & loops, and enjoy a variety of effects, as well as keyframe animations.

Add control cue, trigger tasks, control devices directly to the timelines.
Create as many Render Surfaces as needed. These can then be used to map a 3D object or project content from a virtual projector in a 3D environment.
Drag & drop cameras/projectors from the 3D scene in your timeline.
As an option, timelines can be synchronized with MTC or LTC timecode.

An embedded low-latency Live Mixer

As a world’s first, Modulo Kinetic now embeds a low-latency live mixer with all main functionalities of a mixer: live program, preview, and confidence screens, presets management, transition effects,…

Modulo Kinetic is a multi-user device: several operators can work simultaneously on the media server and mixer interfaces.
All contents and operations are perfectly synchronized.

Unrivaled 2D & 3D warping tools

Warp your outputs with the keystone or curve features which come with many tools all embedded in Modulo Kinetic to make the process fast and easy.

Our exclusive X-Map function is the ideal tool to perform video mapping on the most elaborate shapes.
Simply import a Photoshop file, extract each of its layers, and warp them independently.

Auto calibrate your projectors in a 3D scene with 2D-3D connection points.
A multi-user warp remote, which can run on a simple laptop, is available for the 2D warping or 3D calibration process.

Several operators can work together simultaneously to speed up the calibration process.

3D engine for show study and simulation

Our 3D workflow features a real-time 3D scene visualizer. There you can create unlimited number of scenes, add objects from our internal object library, and work with them (position, rotation, resize).
You can also import objects in a wide range of formats, or import complete scenes including lights, cameras, animations, or point cloud files from professional 3D scanners.

Use Modulo Kinetic to create your own animations. You can also import already existing animations, and modify them directly in Modulo Kinetic’s animation editor.
A large number of transition curves allow you to quickly perform motion effects. These animations can be stand-alone or controlled in a timeline.

Interactive VR

Modulo Kinetic makes real-time VR easy for improved show study and simulation: one single button in the user interface allows to visualize a show scene from any angle with a VR headset.

No coding is needed to enjoy all the benefits of Modulo Kinetic’s real-time interactive VR.

Generative & interactive content

A powerful 3D particles engine offers real-time generative and interactive content.
Particles can be created, modified, and animated directly in Modulo Kinetic’s user interface to produce spectacular effects.
The engine is perfectly integrated in Modulo Kinetic so that you can easily take full control of your elements using the nodal editor, keyframe animations, or timelines:

  • Interact with parameters of the 3D scene
  • Animate elements of the 3D scene using keyframes
  • Link the 2D and 3D contents in the timeline

Interactivity & tracking

To optimize performance and usability, Modulo Pi has developed KineMotion, its own tracking system.

KineMotion is an optical tracking module allowing real-time projection on moving objects, interaction with 3D scenes (including particles), and sending beacon position to light desk using the PosiStage protocol (PSN).

Extensive Show Control Capabilities

Create, control, and play automated tasks for a large number of preloaded external devices including video projectors, matrix switchers, video processors. Trigger tasks from specific devices such as Calendar, MIDI, OSC, GPIO, DMX through Art-Net.

Easily create custom user panels working through Modulo Kinetic’s UI Designer: drag-and-drop tasks, add buttons, texts, images, web pages etc. Each custom user interface can be protected with a user login and password.

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