Modulo Kinetic V5 and interactivity

This webinar introduces Modulo Kinetic Version 5 and the new features dedicated to interactive experiences.


Feel free to use the chapters to easily navigate through the video (See Chapters button in the bottom controls of the video player):


00:00 – Introduction to Modulo Kinetic V5
10:42 – Setup of an interactive room with 2D & 3D LiDARs
15:36 – First steps of an interactive project using Modulo Kinetic: 2D & 3D LiDARs, calibration, point clouds merge, nodal programming
28:07 – Example of Render Graph: Spray
36:29 – Examples of Compute Graphs: Trigger area, grab, angular speed…
45:06 – Examples of Render Graphs: Spotlight, metaball, blur…
48:31 – Playlist of interactive demos
52:13 – User Manual and Video Tutorials
56:49 – Special offer on Modulo Kinetic Designer 2D+3D

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