Kinetic Panel:

Once you have created your custom panels in the UI Designer, Kinetic Panel allows to easily access and use the interfaces directly from a Mac, PC, as well as Android and iOS devices.
Assign different panels depending on your needs (show control, monitoring…), all available anytime over wifi.


For Mac and PC: Connect to the Customer Area > Modulo Kinetic > Companion Apps section
For iOS phones and tablets: Visit the Apple Store
For Android phones and tablets: Visit Google Play


• Install the Kinetic Panel application, and launch it to connect to the media server
• Connect to Kinetic Designer via wifi in order to launch the panels previously created in the UI Designer on your Android/iOS device, or remote computer (PC/Mac)
• Type the server IP to connect
• Select UI: Type a Login and a Password if there is one, and click on Submit
• As soon as you connect with the server’s UI, you can access the Settings by pressing ESC on the keyboard

Back to UI: Return to the selected UI
Refresh UI: Reload the UI page
Back to UI selection: Return to the panel UI selection
Back to Server IP: Return to the panel server IP selection
Exit: Quit the application

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