Achieve a perfectly warped and blended projection in minutes with Modulo Pi’s autocalibration solution.

Available as an option for the Modulo Player and Modulo Kinetic series of media servers, the autocalibration feature is designed to automatically align multiple video projectors on planar, curved, and dome surfaces for a pixel-perfect projection.

Developed by Modulo Pi, and available directly within the software the autocalibration module relies on a PoE camera and a series of automatically generated pattern to calculate unique warp and soft-edge parameters for each concerned output.

Supported PoE cameras

Supported cameras are :

Currently, the autocalibration module supports the use of one camera at a time.


Licensing of the autocalibration module is output-specific. You will need as many licenses as you have outputs concerned by autocalibration.

If you have ordered your product with the autocalibration license included at the time of your purchase, the product’s internal license can include the autocalibration module for your outputs if you wish so The license can also be distributed on a stand-alone dongle.

If you would like to add the autocalibration module to an existing setup, please contact our customer service and a specific license dongle can be sent to be added to your system.

Autocalibration guide

For step-by-step instructions on the multi-projector autocalibration module, please visit the dedicated section.


Autocalibration specification sheet
Autocalibration video tutorials: English | Français

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