Now it is time to launch Kinetic Designer.

  • Create a new show by clicking on New.
  • Name it “Start Project 1” and save it inside the subfolder 01_SHOW we just created.

Kinetic Designer is designed to control V-Node media-servers.

  • In the V-Nodes tab click the + to add a V-Node to the project.
  • Rename it “VN01” and assign it the color red.

At this point, the V-Node does not know which content it will receive and play and has no render surface to output to.

  • In the Render Surfaces tab click the + to add a Render Surface, name it “RenderSurface VN01” and assign it the color red.
  • The default size for a Render Surface is 1920×1080. This is exactly the size of our media so we’ll keep it.
  • In the V-Nodes tab, select the VN01 and in it’s property tab assign it’s Surface to RenderSurface VN01

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