Click on the left tabs and choose the preference of your show:


Lock screen user interface: You can choose a user screen to display in lock screen mode.
To lock/unlock desk, use keyboard shortcut Ctrl+ Shift + F12.
Auto start task(master): Choose a task that will be launched on the master Modulo Kinetic Designer each time the show is loaded.
Auto start task(slave): Choose a task that will be launched on the slave Modulo Kinetic Designer each time the show is loaded.
Reference VNode: Choose the reference VNode: this VNode will stream the live sources to the Modulo Kinetic Designer and to the Live Mixer application.
Fast opacity group: enable by default. When disable, there is more render pass (slower).
Fast Grand Master timeline: disable by default.


In this panel you can create virtual audio channels. Then you can assign them to Kinetic designer as physical outputs directly on this interface for monitoring, and/ or assign the virtual audio tracks to Kinetic VNode servers.
From the upper part of Audio project settings you can add Virtual Channels (Kinetic Designer).

At the part below you can add Physical Outputs to monitor audio in Kinetic Designer.
• Press extendedly the lower part of the audio fader to change color.
• Double click to re-name.
NB: These Outputs are will be available as Audio Outputs for your Kinetic designer.
This way you can mix your audio tracks and monitor them on Kinetic.
To configure and patch Audio Outputs on V-Node servers go to the V-Node >Audio configuration.
NB: Please refer to Audio Mixer to see how to configure virtual channels in Kinetic.

It’s possible to create audio group. You can assign a virtual track to a group. It’s possible to control the global sound level of a group.


Use the Auto Offline after Freeze detect if you have spare V-Node server configuration. This option allows you to trigger an event when a VNode is no more alive.


Movie Proxy enable: allow the creation of scaled movie proxy for each movie in your show. Choose the movie scaled resolution.

Defaut colors

Default layers color: choose the default color for timeline layer according to the type of the content.
Default warp point color: choose the default color of the warp control point on all VNodes.


You can enter a description to quickly find your show in the home page. It’s possible to add some tags to easily find a show.
It’s possible to add this show to favourite show.
You can capture a part of the user interface as a thumbnail (for example the preview view or a 3D view)

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