If you have a system of projectors and servers in place, like in a permanent installation, you may want to retake the actual autocalibration.
For instance, after a video projector is replaced, you simply need to operate the autocalibration with the same parameters you did in the past.

To achieve this:

  • Power on all your projectors and the camera
  • Be sure there is no undesirable lights in the place of your projection
  • Open your project in Modulo Kinetic Designer
  • Then, go into the menu bar > V-Nodes > Autocalibration

  • The autocalibration window will pop-up and remind you to prepare the environment
  • When you are ready, click on Next

  • At this moment, click on the One-click calib button

  • The autocalibration will operate straight
  • Wait until the calibration is done

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