Before we start using Kinetic Designer let’s create a proper folder hierarchy to contain our Project and all it’s content.

Create the project folder

If you are using a true Kinectic Designer computer

On a Kinetic Designer we store our projects on the D:/ drive which uses a dedicated SSD for faster read speeds.

  • Go inside the D:/ drive and create a new folder named “Start Project”.

If you are using your laptop as a demo

You may or may not have a D:/ drive

  • Go inside your C:/ drive and create a folder named “PROJECTS” to hold the project folders of these tutorials.
  • Inside this folder, create a project folder and name it “Start Project”.

Project folder hierarchy

To have a proper folder hierarchy in the following tutorials, create these subfolders inside each Project Folder :

  • 01_SHOW : this folder holds the show files
  • 02_MEDIA : this folder holds all the media content
  • 03_3D : this folder will hold any additional 3D files in case we have some

  • Now copy all the media of the TUTORIAL PACK to the project folder, inside the subfolder 02_MEDIA

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