• In the Timeline tab add the media Cube_Pattern1.png

The image should be projected on your projector.
If not, try right clicking on the Output and selecting Display on second screen. Check your connections.

Warp with Curve type set to Keystone

  • With your Output selected, go to the Shape tab.
  • Set the Curve Type to Keystone.
  • Then, go to the Warp panel and move the 4 corners to try to fix the image on the cube.

As you can see this is not easy, and not the proper way to manage this.

Warp with Curve type set to Curve

  • In the Shape tab, switch the Curve type to Curve.
  • Add a few columns/rows if needed. Use at least 3.
  • Try to fix the image on the cube again.
  • You can increment the number of control points if needed.

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